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Professional and Scientific Activity


         Professional and scientific meetings with the Society members and experts in various specialities have been held 5-8 times annually, and our Society members have frequently participated in the meetings of other Societies.

         Apart form Zagreb, the meetings with comprehensive professional programme were held in Slavonski Brod (1972 and 1978), Varaždin (1973), Čakovec (1981), Zadar (1982 and 1988), Rijeka (1982 and 1997), Karlovac (1984 and 1991), Sisak (1986), Novi Marof (1987), Osijek (1980, 1990 and 1996) (picture) and Koprivnica (1998).

         On several occasions, the invited lecturers, renowned experts from abroad (Austria, Italy, Hungary, Germany; Netherlands, Slovenia, Great Britain) were the Society guests.

         On four occasions, starting from 1969 onwards, the "Days of Cytology" were organised in co-operation with other Republics, with comprehensive professional-scientific cytology programmes, and our members took part in them as organisers and/or lecturers. In 1989, we organised a meeting of cytologists of Yugoslavia, and in 1990 and 1992 we were co-organisers of two meetings with our Slovenian colleagues.

         In 1990, our Section, together with the Medical Academy of Croatia (today the Academy of Medical Sciences of Croatia), organised a scientific conference entitled "Clinical Cytology in Croatia" on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Section,  when highest honors were conferred on Professor Erik Hauptmann,M.D.,Ph.D., one of the founders of our Section (picture), as well as to the former Section presidents;  Inga Črepinko, M.D.,Ph.D. (picture),  Jasna Ivić, M.D.,Ph.D. posthumously (picture), Željka Znidarčić, M.D.,Ph.D., asst. prof.  and  Tatjana Jeren, M.D.,Ph.D. (picture). The awards were presented   by the Section President, Silvana Audy Jurković (picture).

          In 1979, the First Congress of Clinical Cytologists of Yugoslavia with international participation was held in Zagreb, the second in Belgrade in 1983, and the third in Skopje in 1987. The first Congress of the Croatian Society for Clinical Cytology of HLZ with international participation, was held in Zagreb in 1995, and the second one in 2000, also in Zagreb, with  Silvija Boljkovac, M.D.,M.S.  as its President.

          The Society members have participated in almost all EFCS congresses and numerous other world cytological congresses with their works. Furthermore, they were invited to chair certain sessions (picture), and have also actively participated in congresses of other clinical specialities in Croatia and abroad.

         A few members of our Society are associates and regular members of the Academy of Medical Sciences and of the IAC.


(Inga Črepinko, Željka Znidarčić, Silvana Audy-Jurković. Clinical Cytology in Croatia - on the occasion of the 30the anniversary of Croatian Society for Clinical Cytology of HLZ and the 25th anniversary of the specialization in Clinical Cytology, Zagreb 2000.)


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